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Ms. Catherine Kepler » Welcome to 3rd Grade Reading and Language Arts

Welcome to 3rd Grade Reading and Language Arts

Welcome to the world of words!  For this course, we will be growing as listeners, speakers, readers, and writers of the English language.  The goal in third grade is to move from learning to read and write into reading and writing to learn.  Our reading and writing activities will be based on different genres throughout the year:
1st Six Weeks:  Procedural Text (How-To) and Poetry
2nd Six Weeks:  Expository (Informational) Text
3rd Six Weeks:  Fiction and Traditional Literature
4th Six Weeks:  Biographies, Drama, and Persuasive Text
5th Six Weeks:  Making Connections between Fiction and Informational Text
6th Six Weeks:  Research
We will also be learning about various types of words, fine-tuning our phonics skills, and learning to write in cursive.  A more complete sequence of skills is attached.
The daily schedule for the reading/language block would be the following:
Story Time (10 minutes)
Independent Reading/Reading Response (15 minutes)
Phonics, Spelling, Fluency, and Vocabulary (25 minutes)
Reading Workshop (30 minutes)
Handwriting/Brain Break (10 minutes)
Journal Writing with Grammar and Conventions (10 minutes)
Writing Workshop (30 minutes)
To learn more about me, please click on the "About Ms. Kepler" link to the side.
Happy Reading and Writing!

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